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HA2900 Caesar Guerini Woodlander "Dove Special" Limited Edition, O/U, 28 Ga., 2 3/4", 30"MC Bbls., New-in-Case, $4,650*

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Right Side Left Side
Right Forearm Left Forearm
The white diagonal lines across the neck of the stock and the barrel are monofilament fishing lines used to suspend the gun for photographs.
Right Stock Left Stock
Right Receiver Left Receiver
Under Receiver (Gold Dove) Under Forearm
Top of Stock (Showing Cast Off) Bottom of Stock (Showing /toe Out)
Top Lever, Non-Automatic /Safety/Firing Order Selector Solid /top and Mid /ribs, Brass Bead Front Sight
Center of Gravity Exterior of Case
Automatic Selective Ejectors, Damascus Pattern on Monobloc Woodlander Dove Special Limited in Case

Caesar Guerini Says:  Our Woodlander "Dove Special" aka "project ultimate dove gun" is a limited run model. The gun is a unique take on our classic Woodlander upland field model featuring a pair of doves engraved on the bottom of the receiver, an upgraded pistol grip stock with a rubber recoil pad and rounded foreend for high-volume shooting and solid rib barrels in 28", 30", or 32" enabling the shooter to find the perfect balance for pass-shooting fast-flying doves.

New Damascus Monoblock Engraving With all of the interest and questions we have received about the change in design on the side of the Monoblock, it is worth explaining why we made the change. For years we have jeweled the side of the Monoblock (barrel flats) as a traditional decorative touch. Many years ago “engine turning” was designed to create a texture to retain a film of oil that would act as a rust preventative. With the introduction of modern metal alloys, it has become mostly a decorative touch. At Caesar Guerini we are always looking for creative new ways to improve the aesthetic of our products. This drive to improve and be different than other products was the reason we made the change. The new embellishment on the barrel flats is engraving and much more costly, but at the end of the day it is just cool. The Damascus design is a nod to tradition while the engraving on the inside of the action is unexpected. We really love it because it is a new approach to improve our product and we hope you like it as much as we do. Please note that this is an in-line change and will not affect the full line immediately; depending on production schedules, some models will have the new design while others will still have jeweling while we transition across the line.

Hero's Arms Says:  This Limited Edition Woodlander "Dove Special" has beautiful wood and a case colored receiver enhanced with gold dove.  It weighs 6 pounds 7.5 ounces, and has a 14 5/8" Length of Pull over a solid rubber recoil pad.  The Monobloc has the new Damascus pattern engraved, instead of machine jewelling.  It comes with five choke tubes in Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder and Cylinder constrictions.  It has solid top and middle ribs, and as they say, "A solid rib gathers no twigs."  This is the only one I ordered, and there won't be any more, so if you are interested don't tarry.
*Call and ask about Hero's Arms Caesar Guerini Promotional pricing for shooters affiliated with a club, the military or the NRA.





Stock type:

Pistol Grip


Caesar Guerini

Barrel(s)  I. D.



14 5/8"


Woodlander Dove Special

Bbl. length:



1 1/2"




2 3/4"






Auto Ejectors


2 1/4"


Blue/Oil /Walnut



Cast:Off (Right)



Case Color/Gold

Sight(s):  Front

Brass Bead

Butt Pad:

Solid Rubber



Rib: Solid/Taper



Choke Tool

Trigger type

SST Inertial

O/A Length:

47 1/4"

Condition %


Trigger pull

4 lbs 12 oz

Gun weight:

6 lbs 7.5 oz




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