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HA2869 Syren (Fabarm) Ladies Elos N2 Elevate Sporting, Right Hand, Adjustable Comb, Triwood, Tribore, O/U, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" & 3", 30"MC Bbls., New-in-Case, $3,125*

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Right Side Left Side
Right Forearm Left Forearm
The white diagonal lines across the neck of the stock and the barrel are monofilament fishing lines used to suspend the gun for photographs.
Right Stock Left Stock
Right Receiver Left Receiver
Under Receiver Under Forearm
Top of Stock (Showing Cast Off) Bottom of Stock (Showing Toe Out)
Top Lever, Non-Automatic Safety/Firing Order Selector, Right Hand Palm Swell Parabolic EXIS HP extended choke tubes, White and Brass bead sights, ventilated top and mid ribs  50-50 rib installed
Center of Gravity Exterior of Case
Automatic Selective Ejectors Syren Elos N2 Elevate in Case (extra rib in top slot)

Syren Says: Should you adjust to your gun… or should it adjust to you? The new Syren Elevate allows the shooter to adjust all critical specifications making it easy to fine-tune the gun to your shooting style. Point-of-impact, stock fit, trigger system, recoil characteristics, and overall weight and balance are all customizable. The geometry of the Elevate allows for an upright shooting stance, making your gun mount more comfortable while reducing felt recoil. The result is less strain on your neck and shoulders allowing you to concentrate on only the target. Also, thanks to the Quick Release Rib system, the Elevate has the ability to swap ribs for various shooting configurations in order to compete in multiple disciplines like Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays. Two ribs come standard, one at 50/50 POI and the other at 65/35.

Hero's Arms Says: This newly available Right Hand Syren Fabarm Elos N2 Elevate Sporting has a number of useful features.  It comes with two ribs, one for Sporting Clays and Skeet with a 50%-50% pattern, the other for Trap with a 65% above and 35% below pattern. To change the rib use the handle of the choke wrench to push out the pin in the rib above the monobloc (don't lose it) slide the rib forward and remove, slide the new rib on backwards and reinsert the pin. The Tribore barrels start with a very long forcing cone, the bore starts after the forcing cone at around .738" Inside Diameter and gradually reduces to .725" for the last couple of inches before the choke tube. This provides very consistent patterning. The Micro-Metric adjustable comb has a barrel shaped nut which is moved up to the appropriate height and cast, then locked in place with a flat nut under it..  The Allen screw in the comb is then tightened into a recess in the barrel nut.   No washers or spacers are necessary to keep the comb in place. It comes with five EXIS HP choke tubes in Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder and Skeet constrictions, other are available at Fabarm. The adjustable forearm tension allows the gun opening to be loosened or tightened to fit the shooters wishes. It has a Cast Off (Right) Stock,. with a Right Hand Palm Swell, and of course the adjustable comb can give more or less Cast if desired.  It comes with a 13 3/4" Length of Pull, which is adjustable between 13 5/8" and 14".  Available on line, the Fabarms 12mm pad reduces LOP by about 4/10 inch (3/8"), the 27mm pad increases LOP by about 2/10 inch (3/16"). It comes in a sturdy case. It has a five year warranty from Fabarm USA.

*Call and ask about Hero's Arms' Syren Promotional pricing for shooters affiliated with a club, the military or the NRA





Stock type:



Fabarm Syren

Barrel(s)  I. D.


LOP: Adj.13 3/4"

13 5/8" to 14"


Elos N2 Elevate Sporting

Bbl. length:


DAC: Adj.

1" to 1 1/2"




2 3/4" & 3"

DAM: Adj.

1 1/8" to 1 5/8"




Auto Ejectors


2 3/8"


Blue/Oil Walnut



Cast: Off (Right)

1/4" heel 1/2" Toe



Sight(s): Ft/Mid

White/Brass bead

Butt Pad:

Microcell 22mm



Ribs: Vent

50%-50% | 65%-35%

Choke Tool


Trigger type

SST Inertial

O/A Length:


Condition %


Trigger pull

3 lbs 13 oz

Gun weight:

7 lbs 10 oz




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