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HA1178 Browning Recoilless Trap, Bolt-Action, Single Shot, 12 Ga., 2 3/4", 27"MC Bbl, (Used 96%), $1,495

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Side Right Cocked Side Right Fired Side Left Cocked
Stock Right 13 1/2" LOP Stock Right 14 1/2" LOP Stock Left 13 1/2" LOP
Right Forearm Left Forearm
The white diagonal lines across the neck of the stock and the barrel are monofilament fishing lines used to suspend the gun for photographs.
Right Receiver Left Receiver
Adjustable Rib Impact set for 3" above point of aim, Barrel in Fired Position, Flush Invector Plus Choke Tube Center of Gravity
Forearm set to begin cocking of recoil mechanism Forearm about to be closed after cocking

Hero's Arms Says:    This Browning Recoilless Trap was built in 1994 and has picked up some surface wear making it 96% condition.  It is a very innovative gun, ideal for the recoil sensitive shooter.  It consists of two modules.  The first module is the barrel, chamber, and bolt housing.  The second module is the chassis, consisting of the stock, outer receiver, forearm, adjustable rib and barrel guide.  Its basic concept is that a spring is cocked, and released when the gun is fired,  pushing the barrel module forward against the recoil of the shot.  This reduces recoil by what Browning claims is 72%, so it is not quite recoilless, but it is a pleasure to shoot.  Its 9 pound 4 ounce weight also helps with the recoil. Before shooting one turns the gun upside down, opens the forearm latch, moves the back of the forearm up, lowers the lever inside the forearm into a slot in the barrel module, and by pushing down cocks the spring pushing against the barrel module. Then one puts the lever back inside the forearm, and closes and latches the forearm to the gun.  This only has to be done once a day as the residual recoil re-cocks the spring while shooting.  Once the gun has had the spring cocked one uses the bolt action in the normal way.  Lift the handle and pull it all the way back, which cocks the trigger, put in a shell and close the bolt.  Call for your target and shoot. There is no safety, this gun is only loaded on the pad before shooting.  At the end of the day pull the trigger once with no shell in the barrel module and the spring will return to its un-cocked state for cleaning and storage.  The barrel is cleaned from the muzzle end. To fit the gun to the shooter and the target the recoil pad can be moved up and down, the Length of Pull can be adjusted between 13 1/2" and 14 1/2" with the four included 1/4" spacers, and the rib can be set to shoot 3", 6" or 9" above the point of aim at 40 yards.  Further details can be found in the Owner's Manual PDF.  I'm not ordinarily a trap shooter, but I shot a round of trap with his gun and it worked fine.





Stock type:




Barrel(s)  I. D.



13 1/2" to 14 1/2"


Recoilless Trap

Bbl. length:



1 3/4"




2 3/4"


2 1/8"






2 7/8"


Blue/Gloss Walnut

Choke(s): Inv+






Sight(s): Ft/Mid

White Beads

Butt Pad:

Vent Rubber



Rib: Adjustable

Vent, .43"

Choke Tool

4 Stock Spacers

Trigger type


O/A Length:


Condition %

Used 96%

Trigger pull

4 lbs 3 oz

Gun weight:

9 lbs 4 oz



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