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SKB 85TSS Features

The 85TSS receiver is produced in two sizes; a standard frame for twelve gauge models, and smaller frame for all 20, 28, and 410 gauge models. The receiver is cut from a forged steel ingot by computerized CNC machines to precise dimensions measured in thousandths of an inch. The final result is a low profile box lock receiver with a modified "Greener" style crossbolt locking mechanism inletted at the top of the receiver. The strength of this design ensures that your SKB is capable of providing a lifetime of shooting enjoyment. The receiver is hand polished and enhanced with a rolled arabesque engraving pattern. It is then protected by a silver nitride finish applied in super heated conditions that provides a corrosion resistant surface. The monobloc is also cut from a forged steel ingot by computerized CNC machines to similar precise dimensions. The monobloc contains 2 locking lugs which engage the crossbolt, 2 integral shoulder lugs and a base lug which interlocks with the receiver as the action is closed. This combination forms one of the strongest actions on the market. The barrel tubes are seated and soldered into the monobloc to ensure the correct point of impact of both the top and bottom barrel. Each side of the monobloc is precisely cut for a single piece ejector and the pivot seat. The finished barrel group rotates at the pivot seat on two trunnions mounted through the sides of the receiver. After years of use, the SKB action can be easily re-tightened if need be, ensuring that your shotgun maintains a tight fit for many more years of service. The stocks length of pull (LOP) gives consideration to the general size of the shooter, and the forward or rearward placement of the shooter's cheek on the comb of the stock.
The drop at comb (DAC) and heel (DAH) is the distance measured from an imaginary horizontal line extending back from the sighting plane of the shotgun. When the shooters cheek is resting on the comb, these dimensions affect the alignment of the shooter's eye either above or below the horizontal line of the sighting plane.
The thickness of the comb, and the cast of the stock's comb determine the left or right positioning of the shooter's eye relative to the centerline of the sighting plane. The "Cast at the Toe"shifts the butt pad position to conform with the muscular structure of the chest and shoulder. The radius of the pistol grip, and the length of trigger pull (LOTP) determines the positioning of the shooter's hand, affecting both control and comfort.
The 85TSS barrel group has been fitted with a nickel center post and the HI-VIZ CompSight system. This sight allows the shooter to select the specific size and color Litepipe to meet the individual's ocular variation and lighting conditions of the event. The Litepipe is an optical-quality plastic, injection molded to precise dimension and color. A specific Litepipe kit has been selected to match the barrel configuration of each 85TSS model. The non-detachable trigger system of the 85TSS has been improved with a design refinement to reduce engagement creep and over-travel. This new tournament trigger allows the sear to disengage and drop with less pull weight. The shooter feels a smooth and crisp trigger pull. The hammers are powered by "modified V" shaped springs that provide faster lock times than conventional coil springs. The firing order of the barrels is determined by the position of the barrel selector. The selector is located in the trigger blade, keeping its operation separate from the tang mounted manual safety.
Monte-Carlo Adjustment

CTS hardware consists of 6061-T6 aluminum base plates and comb bushings, hardened A-2 tool steel support posts and stainless steel fasteners. The base plates are etched with 1/16" indicating lines for offset (left & right) adjustment of the comb. The comb height is adjusted by sliding 1/16" vinyl washers over the support post. The comb has a maximum adjustment range of 1/2" laterally and 1/2" vertically.

All Trap barrels are fitted with a 12 mm ventilated step rib. The surface of the rib has five center channel grooves bordered by two raised matte surfaces. The 85TSS barrel group (12 ga ) is available with "Pigeon Porting" by Mag-Na-Port International. This porting process is accomplished by Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), ensuring smooth incisions of exact dimensions. The "Pigeon porting pattern" reduces perceived recoil by 15 to 20%, and muzzle lift by 60 to 80% in 12 gauge models.
The Unsingle barrel is equipped with an aluminum adjustable rib. The point of impact can be adjusted from 50/50 to 90/10 by rotating a small knurled wheel located in the muzzle support block.